The Works of Fulminic

Cw Fulminic (8:41:39 PM): Is it true aim lost all the passwords??
AdmnAIM186 (8:42:19 PM): Yes it is true.
Cw Fulminic (8:42:24 PM): How?
AdmnAIM186 (8:42:29 PM): Well, we did not lose them all.
AdmnAIM186 (8:42:35 PM): We had a virus attack.
Cw Fulminic (8:42:37 PM): Did you lose mine?
AdmnAIM186 (8:42:43 PM): I have to check.
AdmnAIM186 (8:43:36 PM): Yes we did lose yours.
Cw Fulminic (8:43:43 PM): OMG
AdmnAIM186 (8:44:05 PM): All we need is your old password and I can reenter you into the system.
Cw Fulminic (8:44:11 PM): What kind of virus did you guys get hit buy!
Cw Fulminic (8:44:26 PM): That's scary man =( hackers are bad these days
AdmnAIM186 (8:44:52 PM): I am not exactly sure, i am no virus expert, this is just my job to get all users information recorvered/
Cw Fulminic (8:45:32 PM): Check, Universalhax0r, univ3rsalhax0r, and killerbee379, see if those are lost too =( those are my friends accounts =(
AdmnAIM186 (8:46:09 PM): killerbee379 is lost the others are not.
Cw Fulminic (8:46:10 PM): I have there passwords, I'd re-enter them for em , if they were lost
AdmnAIM186 (8:47:19 PM): The other two are safe.
Cw Fulminic (8:47:30 PM): That's good to here
AdmnAIM186 (8:47:42 PM): Yes, i suppose.
Cw Fulminic (8:48:28 PM): If your a network admin for aim, You could very well look through your logs and see what i used to log under right now, if it was lost, i would be logged out, because they relay back and forth to make sure you havent disconnected every second or so
AdmnAIM186 (8:48:55 PM): I do not have access to that.
Cw Fulminic (8:49:13 PM): But i thought your a administrator?
AdmnAIM186 (8:49:21 PM): I only recover passwords.
Cw Fulminic (8:49:24 PM): oh
Cw Fulminic (8:49:44 PM): Are you working at the aim home location where all aim people work?
Cw Fulminic (8:49:48 PM): You just kinda do your role?
AdmnAIM186 (8:50:15 PM): Yes, i work at the AOL offices.
Cw Fulminic (8:51:05 PM): oh, I heard thats located in Jersey, Have the passwords made alot more people to hire?
Cw Fulminic (8:51:13 PM): sorry, im asking so much, im just concerned
AdmnAIM186 (8:51:31 PM): No, we alreday had a staff for this.
Cw Fulminic (8:51:52 PM): What's your number, I'd like to do this over the phone
AdmnAIM186 (8:52:20 PM): I do not have a number, I work over the internet.
Cw Fulminic (8:53:05 PM): Doesn't your office has a phone? im sure its a office, couldnt you give me your number to a phone near by? can you call me instead?
Cw Fulminic (8:53:11 PM): wait
Cw Fulminic (8:53:14 PM): you know what?
AdmnAIM186 (8:53:27 PM): What?
Cw Fulminic (8:53:31 PM): can i pay with my credit card for this months bill, so i can get it over with?
AdmnAIM186 (8:54:06 PM): AIM is a free service and our servers indicate that your using AIM.
Cw Fulminic (8:54:18 PM): My univ3rsalhax0r account is aol
Cw Fulminic (8:54:25 PM): thats my account i connect with.
AdmnAIM186 (8:54:30 PM): That has not been hacked.
AdmnAIM186 (8:54:40 PM): It was only your AIM account.
Cw Fulminic (8:54:49 PM): Yes, but i need to pay my bill for the aol, Can we do that now?
AdmnAIM186 (8:55:05 PM): I do not work in that department.
Cw Fulminic (8:55:26 PM): oh, sorry
Cw Fulminic (8:55:35 PM): So what is it all i need to give you sir?
AdmnAIM186 (8:55:54 PM): Your screenname, which i have, and your AIM password.
Cw Fulminic (8:56:39 PM): Are you sure this is a secure chat? is it proctect by SSL?
AdmnAIM186 (8:57:02 PM): Yes.
Cw Fulminic (8:57:22 PM): ssl 8 i hope?
AdmnAIM186 (8:57:36 PM): Sir, you taking to much time I will have to disconnect your account if you don't hurry.
AdmnAIM186 (8:57:53 PM): your*
Cw Fulminic (8:58:15 PM): Sir, may i say something?
AdmnAIM186 (8:58:23 PM): One more thing.
AdmnAIM186 (8:58:58 PM): I need you to hurry.
Cw Fulminic (8:58:59 PM): I have a aim exploit that kicks people offline, you can virus scan it if you want... its very new, i want to report it , but i dont know where to send it
Cw Fulminic (8:59:04 PM): can you take care of it?
Cw Fulminic wants to directly connect (8:59:07 PM).
AdmnAIM186 declines request; no connection was made (8:59:12 PM).
AdmnAIM186 (8:59:33 PM): I can not direct connect to you.
Cw Fulminic (8:59:35 PM): please sir, no more than 5 seconds do i need to be connected, its all i need.
Cw Fulminic wants to directly connect (8:59:36 PM).
AdmnAIM186 declines request; no connection was made (8:59:40 PM).
AdmnAIM186 (8:59:44 PM): No
AdmnAIM186 (8:59:51 PM): I am not allowed to do that.
Cw Fulminic (8:59:59 PM): I have all my aim files in a list, and i cant copy paste them
Cw Fulminic (9:00:08 PM): i want you to re-enter them all just incase
Cw Fulminic (9:00:15 PM): sorry if im persistant
AdmnAIM186 (9:00:23 PM): No, this is the onyl account that has been attcaked.
AdmnAIM186 (9:00:27 PM): only*
Cw Fulminic (9:01:11 PM): No, AromeLuna is too, she told me about it, i have hers and alot more im worried about, can you just hold onto those also?
AdmnAIM186 (9:01:27 PM): I can not connect to you because i am not sure if you are going to send me a virus and destroy more accounts. I would lose my job if I were to do so.
Cw Fulminic (9:01:53 PM): Please sir, a virus takes a while to send, and you cant direct connect send,im sending you text
Cw Fulminic wants to directly connect (9:01:56 PM).
AdmnAIM186 declines request; no connection was made (9:01:58 PM).
AdmnAIM186 (9:02:09 PM): Yes, i have talked with arome luna, she would not cooperate so i am going to destroy her account.
Cw Fulminic (9:02:18 PM): Sir.. I have her password if you would listen.
AdmnAIM186 (9:02:23 PM): If it is text you can copy and paste it.
Cw Fulminic (9:02:25 PM): I have many. I keep all my friends so i wont forget
Cw Fulminic (9:02:31 PM): its too big is what im saying
Cw Fulminic wants to directly connect (9:02:32 PM).
AdmnAIM186 declines request; no connection was made (9:02:36 PM).
AdmnAIM186 (9:02:49 PM): Break it up into different sections.
AdmnAIM186 (9:03:14 PM): And then copy and paste.
Cw Fulminic (9:03:34 PM): its a .pdf so i cant man =( i know can direct connect, i gave you alot of patience and learned alot from you, can you just help me and my friends out once?
AdmnAIM186 (9:03:54 PM): No, once again i can not direct connect.
Cw Fulminic (9:04:07 PM): Can you accept .pdf files?
AdmnAIM186 (9:04:22 PM): No, i do not have Adobe on this computer.
Cw Fulminic (9:04:49 PM): I don't know what to do, im just trying to help, you can show pdf files when connected
AdmnAIM186 (9:05:24 PM): No, I am leaving your account the way it is, if i don't recieve the cooperation.
Cw Fulminic (9:05:30 PM): lol
Cw Fulminic (9:05:35 PM): You fucking ignorant son of a bitch
Cw Fulminic (9:05:39 PM): grow some fucking pubes
Cw Fulminic (9:05:44 PM): and learn to spell you dick fucker
Cw Fulminic (9:05:51 PM): And actually learn to be persuasive
Cw Fulminic (9:05:56 PM): Fucking Idiot.
AdmnAIM186 (9:06:00 PM): OK you forced me to do thid.
Cw Fulminic (9:06:10 PM): Go burn in hell you stupid son of a bitch.
Cw Fulminic (9:06:11 PM): Do what?
Cw Fulminic (9:06:23 PM): There is no aim protocols that have holes asshole.
Cw Fulminic (9:06:27 PM): NOR
Cw Fulminic (9:06:32 PM): do is aol located in jersey
Cw Fulminic (9:06:34 PM): Fucking idiot
Cw Fulminic (9:06:41 PM): NOR is SSL involved with AIM
Cw Fulminic (9:06:58 PM): NOR would aim hire someome who types like a fucking retard
Cw Fulminic (9:07:03 PM): ROFL
Cw Fulminic (9:07:08 PM): you dumb mother fucking retard
Cw Fulminic (9:07:10 PM): WHOLY SHIT
Cw Fulminic (9:07:14 PM): i wish i could stop on your nuts
Cw Fulminic (9:07:21 PM): stomp
Cw Fulminic (9:07:22 PM): sorry sir
Cw Fulminic (9:07:24 PM): fucking retard
Cw Fulminic (9:07:57 PM): You are so pitiful
Cw Fulminic (9:08:06 PM): What are you doing? Scamming more people?
Cw Fulminic (9:08:07 PM): Crying
Cw Fulminic (9:08:11 PM): Killing my account?
Cw Fulminic (9:08:18 PM): Ignoring me i take it.
AdmnAIM186 (9:09:01 PM): No, i am not ignoring you.
Cw Fulminic (9:09:16 PM): What are you doing?
Cw Fulminic (9:09:25 PM): Please dont remove my account though, im just playing.
AdmnAIM186 (9:09:34 PM): Why does that concern you?
Cw Fulminic (9:09:40 PM): i know as good as anyone, hackers can do bad stuff
Cw Fulminic (9:09:55 PM): Are you hacking my webcam and staring at my ass?
AdmnAIM186 (9:10:02 PM): 187 IM Errorerr
187 Punter
187 Punter
187 Punter
187 Punter
187 Punter
187 Punter

Cw Fulminic (9:10:08 PM)
fucking retard!
Cw Fulminic (9:10:14 PM): listen you horny gay bastard
Cw Fulminic (9:10:21 PM): NO HOLES IN PROTOCOL
Cw Fulminic (9:10:24 PM): your a loser
Cw Fulminic (9:10:25 PM): face it
Cw Fulminic (9:11:03 PM): You fuck pigs and little girls and everything with more than 1 leg
Cw Fulminic (9:11:07 PM): besides your sister =X
AdmnAIM186 (9:11:30 PM): I am being forced to remove your account and also terminate your aol account.
AdmnAIM186 signed off at 9:11:33 PM.
Cw Fulminic (9:37:29 PM): read from top =\